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Aside from dogs, cats are probably man's favorite pet - no wonder, because who can resist those sweet little paws? Cat coloring pictures unleash the creativity and imagination of your child - and train their motor skills. Your kids can decide which color they choose for the coat and how they fill in the animal - as realistically as possible, or imaginatively. Free printable cat coloring pictures help improve the concentration of your children and teach them care and accuracy in a fun and enjoyable way. By coloring in a cat or kitten, children learn about animal breeds and immerse themselves in the world of pets. Looking for cute plush toys? Here you can find: Cat Plush.

  • Kitten coloring page
  • Cat with big eyes coloring page
    Cat with big eyes
  • Curious kitten coloring sheet
    Curious kitten
  • Cat Drawing - free step by step guide
    Cat Drawing
  • Learn how to draw a cat - with easy step-by-step instructions & for free!

  • How to Draw a Cat - free step by step tutorial
    How to Draw a Cat
  • Cat coloring page
  • Sniffing cat coloring page
    Sniffing cat
  • Silhouette of a cat coloring page
    Silhouette of a cat
  • Printable Cat Coloring Pages

    Persian catPersian cat, Foto: Takashi(aes256); wikimedia / CC BY-SA 2.0
    What’s the purr-fect way to spend an afternoon? Coloring pictures of cats and kittens of course! These free printable cat coloring pages will provide your children hours of fun. Start by printing an image of your child’s favorite furry feline. You can choose a realistic drawing of a specific breed or a simple drawing of a cartoon kitty. Perhaps you prefer a picture of a curious kitten, a sleepy Russian Blue, or a sassy Siamese cat. The paw-sibilities are endless!

    Printable cat and kitten coloring pages offer loads of pictures for your kids to choose from at varying levels of complexity. Young children or beginners may wish to start with a simple contour drawing or silhouette and some crayons. Using their imagination, your children can experiment by giving the cat stripes or spots. This is also a great way to teach your kids the anatomy of a cat, from their long tails to their padded paws to their ultra sensitive whiskers. Children with an advanced skill level may choose a more detailed image to color in using fine tip markers or freshly sharpened colored pencils. Any medium will work - from watercolors to pastels - the sky is the limit! For extra fun, scissors and glue allow your kids to cut out their kitties and make a massive cat collage.

    Kids love these cat coloring pages featuring their frisky kitty friends, and parents love the many benefits which drawing and coloring provide their children. Not only does coloring help enhance motor skills, it also helps train children’s concentration and patience while stimulating their imagination and promoting creativity.
  • Sleeping cat coloring page
    Sleeping cat
  • Cat with raised paw coloring page
    Cat with raised paw
  • Playing bombay catcoloring page
    Playing bombay cat
    created by Jenny

  • American shorthair coloring page
    American shorthair
  • American shorthair sleeping coloring page
    American shorthair sleeping
  • Maine Coon cat coloring page
    Maine Coon cat
  • Purr-fect pets

    Did you know that cats are the world’s most popular pet? That’s right! In the United States, cats even outnumber dogs in the number of pets owned. But how did these curious, independent animals become so popular? For a long time it was believed that the domestication of wild cats began in Egypt around 3100 BC, but more recent discoveries suggest it was even earlier than that. We now know that cats began being domesticated as far back as 7500 BC! Cats were useful because they would hunt vermin which spread disease. Because of this, they were regarded as sacred by the Egyptians.
  • Munchkin cat coloring page
    Munchkin cat
  • Oriental Shorthair coloring page
    Oriental Shorthair
  • Ragdoll cat coloring page
    Ragdoll cat
  • Russian Blue

    Russian Blue, Foto: Flor de Azur; wikimedia / CC BY-SA 3.0

    Siamese cat

    Siamese cat, Foto: Philipp Vujic; wikimedia / CC BY-SA 4.0

    In the Far East, only the wealthy owned cats. As they became more popular, domesticated cats began to be seen in more and more countries around Asia, including India and Japan. This is where breeding first began, with breeds such as the Siamese and Burmese being developed. In Europe, cats were first used as pest control, and later associated with superstition, but by the 15th and 16th centuries they were being welcomed aboard ships as a means of minimizing vermin and disease. Even Christopher Columbus had cats aboard his ship which are rumored to have gone ashore in the Americas resulting in what is today known as the American Shorthair. These days there are about 60 different breeds of cats including the Ragdoll, Bombay cat, and munchkin cat to name a few.

    Kids love cats because they are affectionate and cuddly, but also because they are intelligent and athletic. Who isn’t impressed to see a cat jump from a great height and land on its feet? Cats also love to play and act silly, which is why they make wonderful pets and companions for your little ones.
  • Russian Blue coloring page
    Russian Blue
  • Siamese cat coloring page
    Siamese cat
  • Norwegian Forest cat coloring page
    Norwegian Forest cat

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