Drawing: Ideas, Templates and Tutorials

The world is full of ideas! In your environment there are many interesting motifs that look beautiful on a sheet of paper. Maybe you're looking for an original drawing idea for your bullet journal or you want to inspire your kids to paint and craft. It is often only a few steps from the idea to the finished picture.

  • Airplane drawing - Step by Step Guide
    Airplane drawing
  • Airplane drawing - Step by Step
    Plane drawing easy
  • How to Draw an Apple - Step by Step
    Apple drawing
  • You are interested in the topic "man and technology" or you like to draw unicorns, witches, fairies and other fantastic creatures? Then our templates will get you there quickly. Grab paper, pencil and colors and make an attractive drawing!

  • Bike drawing - Step by Step
    Bicycle drawing
  • How to Draw a Boat - Step by Step
    Ship drawing
  • Car drawing - Step by Step
    Car drawing
  • Step by step to the perfect drawing

    With the help of our step-by-step instructions, you'll have an attractive drawing in front of you in no time. You follow our templates exactly. They show you how to create a beautiful picture, from sketching to coloring. Our large selection of motifs offers you the necessary inspiration. Look at the motifs at your leisure and then decide on the best idea. If you like a template particularly well, then you will certainly find similar contributions, because most people enjoy painting so much that they would like to draw more.

  • Car drawing - Step by Step Tutorial with Pictures
    Car drawing easy
  • Cat drawing - Step by Step
    Cat drawing
  • Cow drawing - Step by Step
    Cow drawing
  • There are enough beautiful ideas. Some are easy and quick to implement, others are a bit more complicated and time-consuming. You'll have to concentrate extra hard, but you'll get a magical result. The genius of our templates is the step-by-step and easy-to-follow instructions. You simply start with a few skillfully placed geometric shapes. From these gradually arise different figures. You connect the shapes to bodies and work out the details finely.

  • How to Draw a Dinosaur - Step by Step
    Dinosaur drawing
  • Dog drawing - Step by Step
    Dog drawing
  • Dog drawing - Step by Step
    Puppy drawing
  • You'll also learn a few tricks when coloring. With the right technique, you can create an attractive light and shadow effect. Your pictures will then look particularly vivid. This is fun and encourages creativity. You train your eye and get a feeling for the subtleties of an artist. The step-by-step templates are therefore ideal for learning. You will notice what is important in the proportions and may later be able to bring similar motifs freehand on paper without a template.

  • Dragon drawing - Step by Step
    Dragon drawing
  • How to Draw an Excavator - Step by Step
    Digger drawing
  • How to Draw a Fairy - Step by Step
    Fairy drawing
  • The best ideas for drawing for beginners

    Every artist starts very small and has to learn his craft. At the beginning of artistic training are simple shapes. Our motifs are composed of such geometric shapes. With the pencil you draw the guide lines. These are strokes, circles or ovals that show you the position for the individual proportions. Later, you trace the permanent contours with an eraser-proof drawing pencil and obtain a detailed drawing.

  • Giraffe drawing - Step by Step
    Giraffe drawing
  • How to Draw a Lion - Step by Step
    Lion drawing
  • Mermaid drawing - Step by Step
    Mermaid drawing
  • You color these with colored pencils and get a finished picture. Even preschoolers will enjoy our templates. Simple things, for example apples, trees and age-appropriate stylized animal figures in comic style, are well suited for small beginners. The template provides simple, yet professional results that make justifiably proud. This gives children in particular a great sense of achievement. You can see which templates are particularly suitable for boys and girls by the special marking.

  • How to Draw a Moon - Step by Step
    Moon drawing
  • How to Draw a Motorcyle - Step by Step
    Motorcyle drawing
  • Penguin drawing - Step by Step
    Penguin drawing
  • If there are different versions, then after the motif name is the word "simple" in parentheses. For example, it is possible to draw a car, a unicorn, a tree, an airplane or a dog in a simple or professional way. Of course, you can also draw more challenging pictures together with the children. You intervene correcting or let the little ones only trace the contours. Coloring is also a lot of fun for the kids.

  • How to Draw a Pig - Step by Step
    Pig zeichnen (einfach)
  • How to Draw a Princess - Step by Step
    Princess drawing
  • Reindeer drawing - Step by Step
    Reindeer drawing
  • Good ideas for the perfect inspiration

    We have deliberately designed our selection of motifs so that there is something to suit every taste and every target group. Only if you like what you paint will you really enjoy learning. Among the very simple things are the apple and the apple tree. Big and small technology freaks like to draw vehicles. These are available in a child-friendly format or in realistic representations. The same is true for many animals. A cartoon-style dog is easier to draw than a lifelike sheepdog.

  • Rooster drawing - Step by Step
    Rooster drawing
  • How to Draw a Santa - Step by Step
    Santa Claus drawing
  • How to Draw a Shark - Step by Step
    Shark drawing
  • Nevertheless, it is always fascinating to create drawings that look like a professional illustration with the help of the step-by-step instructions. The idea of learning to draw in such a way that the results are no different from a book illustration is an incentive for many people to practice with our templates. In fact, the drawings can be put to good use, for example, to create a bullet journal, place cards and invitation cards. For example, the bearded Santa Claus is perfect for creating individual Christmas cards.

  • How to Draw a Sheep - Step by Step
    Sheep drawing
  • How to Draw a Strawberry - Step by Step
    Strawberry drawing
  • How to Draw a Sunflower - Step by Step
    Sunflower drawing
  • The templates are also a great idea for the children's birthday or in general for the creative occupation of children. Many templates appeal primarily to boys and girls. These include, for example, dragons, dinos, unicorns, fairies, witches, but also the many animals. In addition to the templates, you will find the necessary accessories for drawing. We offer various pencils and drawing pens as well as fiber-tip pens and colored pencils in a large selection of brands and colors. You can embellish poetry albums and calendars with your creative works and get an attractive unique gift.

  • Tiger drawing - Step by Step
    Tiger drawing
  • How to Draw a Tractor - Step by Step
    Tractor drawing
  • How to Draw a Train - Step by Step
    Train drawing
  • Room for creativity

    Using a template as a guide doesn't mean you can't be creative yourself. The step-by-step instructions will inspire you and offer you valuable support. However, you are welcome to modify the drawings to give them an individual touch. This applies in particular to the color scheme, which many artists, both big and small, like to adapt to their personal taste. For example, you can paint a purple cow or dye the mermaid's hair blue, pink or black. Even beginners find it easy to change the color.

  • Tree drawing - Step by Step
    Tree drawing
  • Tree drawing for kids - Step by Step
    Tree drawing easy
  • How to Draw a Tulip - Step by Step
    Tulip drawing
  • With a little skill, it is also possible to design other details according to your own ideas. More experienced draftsmen only roughly follow the templates. They use the given shapes and guide lines and thus create the basis for their own creations. In the case of strongly technically oriented motif templates, deviations tend to be counterproductive. For example, it is not worthwhile to make major changes to a bicycle or motorcycle. With fairy tale characters, on the other hand, this is very possible. It's fun to swing the mermaid's tail in a different direction and to design the hairstyle of the princess or the elf independently. But as already mentioned, this requires some practice.

  • Turtle drawing - Step by Step
    Turtle drawing
  • Unicorn drawing - Step by Step
    Unicorn drawing
  • Unicorn drawing - Step by Step
    Unicorn drawing easy
  • Witch drawing - Step by Step
    Witch drawing

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