Cloudy but cheerful: Fluffy cloud coloring picture

Whether it rains, storms or snows - from now on your child will decide the weather! By coloring these free printable images of clouds, your children can express their creativity and learn about different weather conditions. By using light or dark colors, children can paint good or bad weather with the cloud in the coloring picture. When the little weather researchers have finished coloring the image, they can even add small snowflakes or raindrops - or they can create a summer feeling with a radiant sun. This coloring picture of a cloud allows for double the creativity – first children learn to color in the image within the lines, and next they can add additional elements from their own imagination!

  • Cloud with face coloring page
    Cloud with face
  • Trio of clouds coloring page
    Trio of clouds
  • Three simple clouds coloring page
    Three simple clouds
  • Clouds with rain and lightning coloring page
    Clouds with rain and lightning
  • Cloud with rain coloring page
    Cloud with rain
  • Nubes con lluvia y relámpagos
    Nubes con lluvia y relámpagos
  • Nube con lluvia
    Nube con lluvia

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