Giraffe Drawing - Step By Step Tutorial With Pictures

Giraffe drawing - Step by Step

A giraffe is a beautiful motif for your own children's room or also well suited as a nature illustration. The graceful animals exude calm and serenity and with this step by step guide you can easily draw a lifelike giraffe and take on the positive energy for yourself. Use this template for birthday invitations, wall tattoos or picture stories.

For the drawing you need a pencil, an eraser, a drawing pencil and suitable colors according to personal taste.

Giraffe drawing - Step by Step

Step 1: Head and muzzle

First, use the pencil to draw two circles that mark the head of the giraffe.

Giraffe drawing - lesson

Step 2: Hull

Mark the torso of the animal with two larger diagonal ovals. Make sure you get the right size and distance and use the pencil first.

Giraffe drawing - Step by Step Guide

Step 3: Neck and tail

Now sketch the torso, neck and head of the animal with curved lines. Note the slight hump through the shoulder blades.

How to Draw a Giraffe - Step by Step

Step 4: Limbs

Now draw the long legs of the giraffe with the pencil. Make sure that the posture is natural. Use small circles to represent the joints where the legs are slightly bent and already indicate the hooves.

Giraffe drawing - Step by Step

Step 5: First permanent contours

From now on, use a drawing pencil. First draw the head, the body and the tail line. Add the first details to the head.

How to Draw a Giraffe - Step by Step

Step 6: Silence and face

Complete the legs, tail and face with the drawing pencil. Add a short mane.

Giraffe drawing - Step by Step

Step 7: Removing the guides

Carefully erase the underlying pencil drawing and all guides.

Giraffe drawing - Step by Step

Step 8: Coloring

In the last step, you can color your giraffe. By shading or using light and dark colors, you can achieve a three-dimensional effect that makes the giraffe look even more realistic.

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