The journey into the magic forest begins: unicorn coloring pages

Besides the dangerous fire-spitting dragon, the unicorn is one of the most popular mythical creatures. Children of all ages are enthusiastic about the dazzling hoofed animals with colorful manes – these beautiful coloring pictures of a unicorn would be a great surprise for any child, and even better they are free of charge and can be printed at home! These fairytale coloring pictures of mysterious unicorns will make your little children's eyes shine and at the same time serve an educational purpose: By coloring in the legendary animals, their imagination and creativity is stimulated. At the same time, the relaxing time spent coloring the animals calms the children and prepares them for bedtime. With a beautiful unicorn coloring sheet you prepare children for a magical activity full of fun and relaxation. Looking for cute plush toys? Here you can find: Unicorn Stuffed Animal.

  • Cute unicorn with butterfly coloring page
    Cute unicorn with butterfly
  • Unicorn coloring page
  • Unicorn with rainbow and stars coloring page
    Unicorn with rainbow and stars
  • Unicorn Drawing - free step by step guide
    Unicorn Drawing
  • Learn how to draw a unicorn - with easy step-by-step instructions & for free!

  • How to Draw a Unicorn - free step by step tutorial
    How to Draw an easy Unicorn
    colored by Juliana (5)
  • Unicorn with small stars coloring page
    Unicorn with small stars
  • Jumping unicorn coloring sheet
    Jumping unicorn
  • Unicorn head coloring page
    Unicorn head
  • colored by Paula
  • Unicorn on a rainbow coloring page
    Unicorn on a rainbow
  • Unicorn on clouds coloring sheet
    Unicorn on clouds
  • Unicorn with butterflies coloring pages
    Unicorn with butterflies
  • Start by printing the page featuring your child’s favorite unicorn – perhaps a picture of a baby unicorn, or a majestic unicorn head – or print all of the pages to create your own unicorn coloring book! After you’ve printed the pages you desire, your kids can get to work coloring. They can use whatever medium they like – markers, colored pencils, Crayola crayons, or even glitter pens! Your kids can color in the cartoon unicorn on the page, and even draw other elements around it. Perhaps they want to draw a princess riding on the unicorn, or add wings to their little unicorn. Does it live in an enchanted forest, or high in the clouds? It’s their choice! Let your child’s imagination run wild as they create their own fairy tale.

    Coloring in unicorn coloring sheets helps your child develop their creativity, reduces anxiety, and builds self –esteem, all while having a lot of fun! Coloring also helps train concentration and enhances motor skills – important skills for children in school.
  • Cute unicorn head coloring sheet
    Cute unicorn head
  • Cute jumping unicorn coloring page
    Cute jumping unicorn
  • Smiling unicorn coloring sheet
    Smiling unicorn
  • colored by Paula
  • Smiling unicorn with stars coloring page
    Smiling unicorn with stars
  • Unicorns in love coloring page
    Unicorns in love
  • Unicorn silhouette coloring page
    Unicorn silhouette
  • Do Unicorns Really Exist?

    The history of the unicorn dates back to ancient times. Documents and seals across the world reference one-horned creatures resembling a horse or goat with great strength. They are portrayed in stories, paintings, tapestries and sculptures. Even many European coats of arms depict this fantastical creature!

    The Ancient Greeks believed that unicorns were real and lived in India. This is known because they make mention of unicorns in books about natural history, not books telling stories of their gods. In Asian mythology, a number of magical creatures are described which have a single horn. China, Vietnam, and Korea all have stories which feature such beasts, however, it is the Japanese version which most closely resembles the western unicorn. Even the bible mentions such a creature, with great strength, agility, and a mighty horn!

    During the Renaissance and middle ages, the unicorn came to represent purity and grace. Its horn was said to have magical healing properties which could cure sickness and make poisoned water drinkable. Unicorns were originally described to have the head of a stag, the feet of an elephant, and the tail of a boar – a fearsome beast indeed! However today, images of unicorns show it as a horse-like creature, often with a rainbow colored mane, large feathered wings, and the ability to fly. The unicorn is understood to be a gentle, magical animal. They are elusive and rare, and symbolize infinite possibilities and unique personalities. What a wonderful image for a child! These free unicorn coloring pages help your child to bring this magical creature to life.

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