Fantastically beautiful: Fairytale coloring pages featuring a princess

What girl in this world wouldn't want to be a king's daughter? Little girls dream of their own castle, a wardrobe full of ball gowns and a prince in shining armor. To give your child the feeling of being a real fairy tale princess, try this free printable image of an enchanting princess. Perhaps while playing dress up, or watching an animated film, your child can grab their favorite crayons and immerse themselves in a fantastical kingdom. When coloring the gorgeous robes and beautiful faces, your kids give free rein to their imagination. Each child loses themselves in their imagination and colors in the image with great attention to detail.

  • Princess with roses and star dress coloring page
    Princess with roses and star dress
  • Princess with magic wand coloring page
    Princess with magic wand
  • Smiling princess coloring page
    Smiling princess
    sent by Mohamed

  • Princess with a big bow coloring sheet
    Princess with a big bow
  • Princess with one-shoulder dress coloring page
    Princess with one-shoulder dress
  • Princess with puffed sleeves coloring sheet
    Princess with puffed sleeves
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    Coloring Techniques

    Princess coloring pages can be completed with a crayon, colored pencil, pastels, or even paint. Encourage creativity with these free printable princess pictures and let your kid decorate their favorite princess coloring page. Kids can puzzle out their coloring scheme and express their personality with their creative choices.

    Blending techniques can be used to layer different colors on top of each other. If you mix yellow and blue, you get a pretty green. Red and yellow make orange. Blue and red make purple. Your final color will vary depending on how much of each color you put into the mix. If you are feeling adventurous you can even fade from one color to another or make some areas darker to show that they are in shadow.

  • Princess on a throne coloring page
    Princess on a throne
  • Princess coloring page
  • Princess with strapless dress coloring page
    Princess with strapless dress
    created by Aurora

    What colors to use when coloring your princess

    You have endless possibilities to choose from when selecting what colors to use on your coloring page. If you wish to make your artwork look like a Disney character, you can choose light blue to match Cinderella, yellow to match Belle, or blue for Mulan.

    Create your own original princess by mixing and matching colors. Purple has been considered the color of royalty throughout most of history. This is because purple dyes were very expensive and complicated to make in Medieval times. So a princess coloring book is just the thing to keep your creative kid happy and entertained for free.

    Try and color your artwork as if she is a portrait of you. Match your skin and hair color and then use your favorite color on the dress. Pink is always in style for princesses.

    If you want to try something different, make your princess an unusual color like blue or red. Maybe she is secretly an alien and has polka dots on her skin or stripes in her hair.
  • Princess with pearl necklace coloring sheet
    Princess with pearl necklace
  • Princess with ruffle dress coloring sheet
    Princess with ruffle dress
  • Princess with pinafore dress coloring page
    Princess with pinafore dress
  • Reasons why kids like princesses

    They are empowering role models for young women to look up to. They are leaders because of their royal status and enjoy a luxurious life. With the best fashion sense, they make a striking image that anyone would want to be like.

    Princesses get to be their own heroes and save the day. Little girls should look up to them because they show them that they don’t need to be saved by someone else. They can save themselves. It doesn’t hurt to get to kiss the prince at the end and live happily ever after too!

  • Princess with a big bow on her dress coloring page
    Princess with a big bow on her dress
  • Princess with star dress coloring page
    Princess with star dress
  • Princess riding a horse coloring sheet
    Princess riding a horse
  • The history of princesses

    There have been many princesses throughout history. They are the daughters of kings and queens and lived in many different countries like England, China, France, Spain and India. Sometimes princesse had to marry a prince from other kingdoms to ensure continuing peace between their two lands. This is what happened to Marie Antoinette of Austria in 1770 when she married the king of France. Once she was married, she became the new queen.

    Nefertiti of Egypt may have been a princess before she was crowned queen of Egypt. She was renowned for her beauty and intelligence and is one of Egypt’s most well known rulers. This is even more impressive because she was only a teenager when she took the throne.

    Durru Shehvar was an Indian princess and the daughter of His Imperial Majesty Sultan Abdul Mejid Efendi of the Ottoman Empire. She fought for women’s rights, setup a hospital and helped the poor.

    Princesses aren’t just historical figures of the past. There are still princesses today like Charlotte of Cambridge, who is fifth in line for the British throne. Encourage your little princess to be creative by enabling her to enjoy coloring. Our coloring pages are a great place to start.
  • Princess with hand mirror coloring page
    Princess with hand mirror
  • Similing princess coloring page
    Similing princess
  • Princess with strapless ruffle dress coloring page
    Princess with strapless ruffle dress
  • Royal Dress
  • Princess wearing a heart dress coloring page
    Princess wearing a heart dress
  • Princess with strapless dress and bow coloring page
    Princess with strapless dress and bow
  • Princess with roses coloring page
    Princess with roses
  • Famous Disney Princesses

    Belle learned to love the Beast. She is a strong, intelligent female lead that loves to read. After her father gets lost in the woods and held captive, Belle offers to change places with him and remain in the Beast’s custody. At first they don’t understand each other, but slowly learn to love one another and eventually break the prince’s curse. Children can dream up their own adventure with coloring pages filled with princesse.

    Cinderella is cared for by her evil stepmother and two stepsisters after the tragic death of her father. They abuse her and treat her like a servant and nickname her Cinderella to make fun of her habit of sleeping in the fire embers to keep warm. Her fairy godmother helps make her a beautiful ball gown and gets her to the ball where she wins the prince’s heart and lives happily ever after. Add a drawing of her glass slipper to princess coloring pages to capture the moment. A princess coloring book is just the thing to keep your creative kid happy and entertained for free.

    Ariel is the fiery redheaded heroine of A Little Mermaid. She saves prince Eric from drowning in a shipwreck and falls in love at first sight. She is tricked by the evil sea witch Ursula into trading her voice for human legs that she uses to walk on land and participate in Eric’s human world. Although Ursula tries to prevent them from falling in love by using Ariel's voice to impersonate her, Ariel wins Eric’s heart and marries him. If your child enjoys coloring, they can always add beautiful red hair to the princess on our coloring pages.

    Mulan is a fierce warrior that disguises herself as a man in order to take her elderly father’s place in the army. She trains hard and fights to become a strong warrior, eventually defeating the Hun leader Shan Yu by using her brains to aim a cannon to cause an avalanche that buries most of the invaders. Encourage your little princess to be creative by enabling her to enjoy coloring. Our coloring pages are a great place to start.

    Jasmine is an Arabian princess in the movie Aladin. She is pampered and isolated in the palace with her tiger Rajah. One day she disguises herself as a peasant and explores the town where she is accidentally accused of stealing. Aladin bumps into her and helps her escape without realizing her royal origins. She returns to the castle but there is trouble afoot with the king's corrupt vizier Jafar. Aladin, the Jeanie, and Jasmine work together to thwart his evil plans to take over the kingdom. Colorful Middle Eastern designs are a fun way to pay tribute to Aladin in your coloring.

    Elsa is a magical princess with power to control ice, snow, and the cold. At first she is confused about her power and taught to be afraid of it because she might accidentally hurt someone. When her parents tragically die, she is thrust into the limelight and forced to rule the kingdom. This puts tremendous pressure on her and causes her magic to come out, so she runs away. Her sister Anna comes after her with the help of some friends they meet along the way. Elsa accidentally injures Anna with her magic, but is able to break the spell with her love for her sister. You can embellish your princess coloring pages with frost designs and snowmen.

    Snow White is one of the earliest Disney princess movies. Based on a fairy tale, it follows a young girl who is blessed with beauty. Her evil stepmother is jealous and arranges for the huntsman to kill her, but she escapes and lives with seven dwarves who take her in. They hide out together until the evil stepmother finds out her location and disguises herself as an old woman with an apple. Snow White eats the poison apple and falls into a coma that is only broken by her true love’s kiss. If you love coloring, you can explore your own love story by adding to our coloring book pages.

    Tiana dreams of owning her own restaurant in New Orleans and works hard to achieve her goal. Prince Naveen is under a spell that has turned him into a frog. When he mistakes Tiana for a princess he kisses her and causes her to transform into a frog as well. The pair have to track down a voodoo priestess to break the spell. Add your own spin to our coloring pages and add a voodoo design to your princesse.

    Rapunzel has long magical hair. She is kidnapped as a baby by the evil Gothel who wants to keep use her to maintain eternal youth. After a chance encounter with a man on the run named Flynn Rider, they escape the tower in search of the floating lights she sees every year on her birthday. They make friends and enemies along the way, but eventually learn that Rapunzel is the lost princess and return to her parents, the king and queen.

    So princess coloring pages are a great way to explore your own fairy tale love story.

    Why your kids are probably secretly a princess

    Princesses can be strong, whitty, smart, and powerful. Free coloring pages are bursting with fairy tales, castles, and princess pictures. Little princesses make a fun game to color. Your little girl will love imagining herself as the princess she is.

    Free Princess Coloring Pages entertain kids

    Printing one of our coloring pages is a great way to keep your kids entertained for hours. If your child likes coloring, we have a great section of coloring pages for them to explore.

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