Easter coloring pages

All children love Easter. They look forward to gifts, good food and spending time with mom and dad. What could be better than bridging the anticipation for Easter with coloring pictures. So Easter is above all a family festival. The family gathers, everyday life has a break and time seems to stand still. What better way to pass the time than to download our free PDF!

  • Easter eggs with Chicks and Easter Bunny coloring page
    Easter eggs with Chicks and Easter Bunny
  • Easter Basket coloring page
    Easter Basket
  • Chicks with Easter Egg coloring page
    Chicks with Easter Egg
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  • Funny Easter Eggs coloring sheet
    Funny Easter Eggs
  • Easter Eggs coloring page
    Easter Eggs
  • Easter Bunny painted Eggs coloring page
    Easter Bunny painted Eggs
  • This Is The Best Way To Color

    Easter is the time of colorful decorations. Make the decoration yourself with your children this year - for example with a coloring page as a PDF for Easter. The little ones can first color the sheet, then cut it out and stick it to the window. It's fun and it's free. Simply print out the prefered Easter picture, then you can start! Start with the Easter eggs - they can't be colorful enough! There are no limits to your imagination.

    Use well-tipped colored pencils to paint small shapes and fine patterns. For larger areas, hold the colored pencil at an angle and paint with the side of the paint tip without pressing on it. It's quick and the surface looks equal. You can also paint the fine patterns of the Easter eggs with felt-tip pens. For large areas, felt pens are only recommended if they are new. Then the Easter motif will delight you with bright colors.

    Many motifs - many possibilities

    The printouts for Easter are usually easy to paint, which is why they are also suitable for younger children. All ages are happy about Easter bunny coloring pages and Easter eggs. Especially if the picture is nice and colorful. Small children paint over the edges. That's okay and not bad, because the focus is to have fun. The Easter coloring pages offer many options. If the children are coloring the Easter bunny with felt-tip pens or watercolors, protect the clothes and the table with an apron and a painting blanket if necessary. If the youngest paint with crayons, the fingers stay clean :-)

    This is how you create coloring pages with watercolors

    If your children like to draw, they will definitely be happy about one of these Easter pictures. You can also color all templates with water colors. It's best to dab the brush with a cloth before the paint gets on the paper. This way you can avoid that the colors run into each other. For a background like meadow or sky, the color can be thinned a little. Then the motif in the foreground comes into its own.

    You can color the Easter coloring pages with both water colors and felt-tip pens at the same time. It will be nice if the background and the areas are painted with water colors, but the details with felt-tip pens. Felt-tip pens cover the water colors. First paint the entire Easter egg with watercolor. When the paint is dry, paint the pattern over it with felt-tip pens.

  • Easter Bunny with Easter Egg coloring page
    Easter Bunny with Easter Egg
  • Easter Bunny with Basket and Eggs coloring page
    Easter Bunny with Basket and Eggs
  • Easter Bunny with Egg and Butterfly coloring page
    Easter Bunny with Egg and Butterfly
  • Easter BunnyFoto: Superbass; wikimedia / CC BY-SA 4.0

    The Easter Bunny - Coloring Tips

    If you create coloring pages for Easter, the Easter bunny should not be missing! We best paint it in the colors that fur can have in nature. Coloring Easter bunnies is guaranteed to delight children, because almost all children like animals. The Easter bunny is often painted brown. If you want, you can leave the rabbit white and only paint the eyes and ears.

    The bunny has a black or pink nose. The inside of the ears is pink. Skillful painters can depict the fur with well-sharpened crayons through fine, narrow lines. Sometimes the Easter bunny is clothed. The clothes can be colored according to your own taste. For example, the Easter bunny could have blobs of paint on his pants, because he is painting the eggs :-). Most important: let your children guided by its own imagination.

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  • Historical Background - Easter As An Very Important Day Of Christians

    Resurrection of Christ
    Resurrection of Christ Easter is the most important festival of the year for many Christians. The reason is that the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ are celebrated here. This is one of the most important beliefs in Christianity.

    The history is that people did bad things at the time. They no longer obeyed the divine command. They also often harm each other. The biblical tradition says that God sent his son to give people another chance. This son was called Jesus Christ. He was born, preached in the spirit of God and brought many people back on the right path. Hence it was said that he was a king. King Herod did not want to accept this. He had Jesus arrested, condemned by Pontius Pilate, and struck on a wooden cross.

    Christians believe that after three days, Jesus rose from death and is now united with his father in the kingdom of heaven. Because Jesus sacrificed himself for people, many believers trust in life after death.

    How We Celebrate Easter Today

    Legend has it that the Easter bunny hides the Easter eggs in the garden so that the children can find them. It is not only fun to paint eggs creatively - they also taste delicious. The rabbit and the egg have a traditional meaning. The chickens of the chickens hatch from eggs. Therefore the egg stands for new life. The rabbit means fertility because it usually has many offspring - especially in Easter.

    Why Eggs Are Important For Easter?

    Easter eggs in the basketFoto: Toelstede / Nyks ; wikimedia / CC BY-SA 3.0
    Well, actually, rabbit and egg have nothing to do with Jesus. They belong to mythology. So people came up with that a long time ago. If you want to experience something special with your families at Easter, visit an Easter fire in your region. People from one place or neighborhood gather on a free piece of land and put together a huge pile of wood, brushwood and garden waste. This is then lit. The sight of such a big fire is really great, you can feel its warmth and strength. Fire originally stands for Christ as the light of the world.

    Have fun and happy Easter!
  • Lamb with Rainbow coloring page
    Lamb with Rainbow
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