Lower your crayons! The beautiful Rapunzel and her coloring pictures

The captive princess with the long, beautiful hair - everyone knows the story of Rapunzel in the high tower. That's why Rapunzel's beautiful coloring pictures bring a welcome change to the beloved fairytale hour. These beautiful Rapunzel coloring pictures are free of charge and printable on your home printer. The images make the hearts of your children beat faster and conjure up a smile on every little child's face. In addition to the high fun factor, there is also the enormous educational value: While your children color in the picture, concentrating on the fine details, their hand-eye coordination is improved. You will see the great progress they are making with every Rapunzel drawing. You will be thrilled by the many successes and the happiness your children feel when they color.

  • Rapunzel at the window coloring page
    Rapunzel at the window
  • Rapunzel in the tower coloring page
    Rapunzel in the tower
  • Rapunzel sleeping in bed coloring sheet
    Rapunzel sleeping in bed
  • Smiling rapunzel coloring page
    Smiling rapunzel
  • ...

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