Your Origami Adventure: Step-by-Step Guide to Crafting a Paper Boat

Paper boat folding - step by step instructions with templates as pdf
Materials List

  • Paper (square)
  • Scissors
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This paper boat is a relatively simple idea to implement and is based on origami. This is a Japanese art of folding paper. The basis for all sorts of figures and shapes is a square sheet of paper. Akira Yoshizawa, the founder of modern origami, developed more than 50,000 models. Our sailboat does not float on the water, but it can be put up for decoration. All you need is a sheet of paper. The following instructions will help you step by step to make a beautiful sailing ship.

Paper boat folding - step by step template

Step 1: Fold twice

Take a square sheet of paper and fold it once in the middle from one corner to the opposite one. You smooth out the fold and unfold the triangle into a square again. Then you take the other corner and do the same. In front of you is a sheet of paper with two lines crossing like an X.

Paper boat craft instructions - step by step

Step 2:Fold vertically and horizontally

Now fold the paper from one edge to the other. To do this, place the square straight in front of you and fold the right side over the left, so that the edges lie directly on top of each other and a rectangle is formed. You stitch over the fold and open the rectangle again. Then take the top edge of the square and fold it down, creating a fold in the middle again. After opening, the sheet is divided into eight pieces like a cake.

Origami Boat - Step by Step Guide Folding paper boats - step by step instructions

Step 3: Corners inward

Take the upper left corner and fold it inward so that the tip is exactly in the middle of the square. Do the same with the lower right corner.

Folding sailboat - step by step

Step 4: Sides in

Now you need a little dexterity. You press the flat sides inward at the same time. In doing so, you push the center fold slightly upward so that the two corners automatically fold inward. Then flatten the shape. A small square lies in front of you.

Paper boat folding - step by step

Step 5:

You fold the left corner of the top folded layer over to the opposite side and smooth the fold. The cross-shaped lines are visible again.

Origami boat - step by step Tinker sailboat - step by step

Step 6:

You turn the square and fold it over so that a square with one closed and one open tip is formed. The closed part lies on the table with the tip down. The upper part consists of two triangles. There is a gap between the triangles.

Paper boat folding - step by step

Step 7: Sail of the paper boat

You fold the right triangle down and bend it back up so that it shortens by about a centimeter. This is the shorter sail of the paper boat. You put the sail in the pocket that has formed in the middle.

Folding sailboat - step by step Paper boat folding - step by step

Step 8: Stand

You fold the bottom corner and in front of you is the finished paper boat. The folded corner serves as a stand. You place the boat so that the stand is on the back and can not be seen from the front.

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