Sweet summer fruit: Coloring picture of a strawberry

The strong sweet aroma of strawberries makes them the favorite fruit of many children - topped with cream, nobody can resist them! A free printable coloring picture of a juicy strawberry is the perfect way to provide the feeling of summer and a bit of fun while coloring. For relaxed evenings, coloring pictures of a strawberry are just the thing, as children can relax while drawing and forget their everyday worries. Concentrating on coloring keeps the children absorbed in their task, and offers a great way to relax and get off to a good start at night. The image also shows them the structure of the plant: the little ones learn everything about the strawberry bush and feel like eating healthy food.

  • Strawberry cross-section coloring page
    Strawberry cross-section
  • Strawberry with stem coloring page
    Strawberry with stem
  • Strawberry with stalk coloring page
    Strawberry with stalk
  • Strawberry Drawing - free step by step guide
    Strawberry Drawing
  • Learn how to draw a strawberry - with easy step-by-step instructions & for free!

  • How to Draw a Strawberry - free step by step tutorial
    How to Draw a Strawberry
  • Simple strawberry coloring page
    Simple strawberry

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