Free printable coloring pictures featuring dinosaurs: Journey back in time!

Children have always been enthusiastic about the prehistoric animals, and even go on a search for clues themselves. Coloring pictures with dinosaur motifs allow the little ones to immerse themselves in the past and bring them a step closer to the now extinct animal species. Dinosaur coloring pictures provide a fun activity for children and at the same time helps develop and train their concentration. This is because it is only with calm and perseverance that the little ones can fill in the precise details of the dinosaur coloring pictures and always stay within the lines. In this way they train their hand-eye coordination and thus also their motor skills. A painting pattern of dinosaurs even improves spatial vision and thinking, which is an essential part of development. Looking for cute plush toys? Here you can find: Dino Plush.

  • Dino coloring page
  • Fishing dino coloring sheet
    Fishing dino
  • Dino with popcorn coloring page
    Dino with popcorn
  • Dinosaur Drawing - free step by step guide
    Dinosaur Drawing
  • Learn how to draw a dinosaur - with easy step-by-step instructions & for free!

  • How to Draw a T-Rex - free step by step tutorial
    How to Draw a T-Rex
  • colored by Elias

    How To Color A Dinosaur

    Dinosaurs are recognized by children of all ages and can quickly become a topic of fascination as your child develops. A fun way to way to celebrate this fascination is through coloring. We will walk through some things to consider when working on this educational activity with your baby, toddler, or big kid.
  • Dino with bow tie coloring page
    Dino with bow tie
  • Dino with big eyes coloring pages
    Dino with big eyes
  • Dino plays gitarre coloring page
    Dino plays gitarre
  • Dinosaur Coloring Pages or A Blank Canvas?

    Before you even begin, you have to determine what detail level is appropriate for your little ones. While younger children might do better with a simple pre-drawn coloring page, an older kid may find this less challenging. You may consider downloading a more realistic and detailed pdf for children who are older but may still find it difficult to draw a dinosaur.
  • Dino runs coloring page
    Dino runs
  • Stegosaurus with flower coloring page
    Stegosaurus with flower
  • Dino with eggshell coloring page
    Dino with eggshell
  • What Should We Use To Color Our Dinosaur Coloring Sheets?

    Deciding on the proper tools to use when coloring your dino is also going to be largely dependent on your child’s age and skill set. Toddlers may want to use a “fatter” Crayola crayon. Older or more skilled children may want to use markers or colored pencils and for a more difficult challenge, older ones may want to use a variety of colored pencils for more detail.

    When deciding which colors to use, consider that younger kids will want to stick to more basic and bright colors. Older children may take a more life-like approach to create their images with more brown and green colors. Really, any colors chosen are fine. The important part is that your kids are creating and exploring.
  • Funny triceratops coloring page
    Funny triceratops
  • Dino with pens coloring page
    Dino with pens
  • Triceratops relaxing coloring page
    Triceratops relaxing
  • Ideas & Tips For Drawing Dinosaurs

    Older children that are looking for more of a challenge may want to draw a dinosaur instead of simply coloring one. A good way for them to start this and build confidence through practice and example is to download one of the free colorable dinosaur coloring pages here, have your litte one trace the outline on a blank piece of paper, and then work towards being able to draw the dinosaur freehand.

    Keep encouraging your child and they will continue to practice and build their own self-confidence in their abilities.
  • Small cute dinosaur coloring page
    Small cute dinosaur
  • Funny stegosaurus coloring page
    Funny stegosaurus
  • Funny dinosaur with bird coloring page
    Funny dinosaur with bird
  • History of the Dinosaur

    Although your children might be more familiar with dinosaurs through cartoons or movies like Jurassic Park, we know that these creatures first appeared during the Triassic period nearly 243 million years ago. Scientists believe that these animals lived over one hundred million years on earth until an extinction event occurred almost 66 million years ago.
  • Cute brachiosaurus coloring page
    Cute brachiosaurus
  • Dino with easel coloring page
    Dino with easel
  • Dino with present and flowers coloring page
    Dino with present and flowers
  • Types of Dinosaurs

    There were once over 1,000 different species of dinosaur. Some of the most familiar to you and your children might be:

    1. Spinosaurus - With a dorsal like back, this dinosaur’s name means “spine lizard”. This dino was one of the largest of all known meat-eating dinosaurs, even bigger than the ferocious T-Rex. The Stegosaurus also had a spiny dorsal structure. However, it was a plant-eater.

    2. Triceratops - This dinosaur is known mostly for the three horns on its head and the large bony frill that sits behind them. The unique look of this dino always makes them a favorite with children.

    3. Brachiosaurus - With its long neck, and massive size, this dinosaur eats a diet of plants. Because of its estimated size and its herbivore’s diet, it is known as the “gentle giant”

    4. Pteranodon - This bird-like dinosaur is estimated to have an average wingspan of 12 - 18ft.
  • Funny pteranodon coloring page
    Funny pteranodon
  • Dino with cap coloring page
    Dino with cap
  • Why Do Children Love Dinosaurs?

    Kids are naturally curious and there is so much mystery and wonder in dinosaurs. It can be hard to believe that creatures like this used to walk around our planet and that captures the highly active imagination of children.

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