Mermaid Drawing - Step By Step Guide With Pictures

Mermaid drawing - Step by Step

Drawing an elegant mermaid is almost a breeze with these detailed instructions.

⚠️ You'll need colored pencils, an eraser, a hard pencil for preliminary drawing, an eraser-proof drawing pencil, and some wrist swing.

Mermaid drawing - Step by Step

Step 1: Head and fish tail

Use the pencil to draw a circle on the paper. Then you take momentum and draw a line under the circle that indicates the course of the body with the fish tail.

Mermaid drawing - lesson

Step 2: Sharkr, torso and hips

Fork the lower end of the line into a fish tail. At the upper end, place a triangle for the upper body under the head-circle. Below that is a circle for the hip area. You also indicate the course of the hair with a curved line.

Mermaid drawing - Step by Step Guide

Step 3: Arms

Place the arms at the upper corners of the "upper body triangle". You form the shoulder and elbow from circles that you connect with strokes. The hand is also already indicated.

How to Draw a Mermaid - Step by Step

Step 4: First final contours

You connect the head with the "upper body triangle" and this with the "lower body circle" with the drawing pen. You continue to draw the line sweepingly up to the tail fork. You do this on both sides so that you get the natural silhouette of the mermaid.

Mermaid drawing - Step by Step

Step 5: First details like face and hands

You start working out the fine details. For this you use the drawing pencil. You continue to work out the hair and give the mermaid a face. While you give the arms their natural shape, you use the auxiliary strokes as a guide. You also give the mermaid a décolleté.

How to Draw a Mermaid - Step by Step

Step 6: The tail fin

You shape the fish tail with elegant hand movements. You fan it with longitudinal strokes and thus create a lifelike result.

Mermaid drawing - Step by Step

Step 7: Removing the guides

You take the eraser in hand and remove all the disturbing lines.

Mermaid drawing - Step by Step

Step 8: Coloring

At the end you color the mermaid. On the template, the hair is red. The mermaid wears a blue bikini top and has a green fish tail. However, you are free to change the colors and further decorate the figure.

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