Coloring picture of an excavator: Print free of charge, choose colors, and off you go!

If your children are interested in buildings and find construction sites totally exciting, and are perhaps even already starting their first attempts at construction themselves, a coloring picture of a digger is exactly the right thing. Whether it's a simple outline with just a few details or a precise excavator coloring picture in which even the smallest elements are recognizable - there's something for everyone. The excavator painting template provides more than just fun, there are also educational benefits. Children learn by gently guiding their hands to carefully color within the lines and selecting realistic colors, This helps develop hand-eye coordination, which is one positive factor leading to neat handwriting.

  • Excavator coloring page
  • Big loader coloring page
    Big loader
  • Heavy loader coloring page
    Heavy loader
  • Excavator Drawing - free step by step guide
    Excavator Drawing
  • Learn how to draw an excavator - with easy step-by-step instructions & for free!

  • How to Draw a Digger - free step by step tutorial
    How to Draw a Digger
  • colored by Noah

  • Backhoe coloring page
  • Heavy bulldozer coloring page
    Heavy bulldozer
  • Bulldozer coloring sheet
  • colored by Emma (6)
  • Digger coloring page
  • Digger on construction site coloring page
    Digger on construction site
  • Funny digger with face  coloring page
    Funny digger with face
  • from Gordon
  • Small digger coloring sheet
    Small digger
  • Digger with driver coloring page
    Digger with driver
  • Cute digger coloring sheet
    Cute digger

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