Let’s go under the sea! Coloring pictures of a fairytale mermaid

So you think underwater fun on the land is not possible? Think again! Coloring pictures of a beautiful mermaid make it possible! With a magical mermaid for coloring your children’s creativity is unleashed. Whether using water colors, crayons, markers or crayons – this free printable mermaid coloring template offers numerous possibilities for coloring, so your kids can color until their heart's content. In addition to all the fun, coloring has learning benefits. Your kids’ concentration will be enhanced, as well as their motor skills. Children can even create an entire underwater world: they can redesign the white background of the mermaids' coloring template. How about, for example, an imaginative underwater world with small fish and plants?

  • Mermaid coloring page
  • Mermaid on a rock coloring page
    Mermaid on a rock
  • Mermaid with fish coloring sheet
    Mermaid with fish

  • Printable Mermaid Coloring Pages

    Take an adventure under the sea with these free printable mermaid coloring pages! Line drawings of varying complexity feature these mythical creatures swimming, smiling, brushing their long, beautiful hair, or playing with their fish friends. Young children may prefer mermaid coloring sheets with a simple drawing, while older kids and adults will surely enjoy more intricate designs. Either way, you will find little mermaid coloring pages to match any skill level.

    Let your kids choose their favorite image, print it out, and let the fun begin! Collect your materials: colored pencils, markers, crayons, maybe even glitter and glue! You can use just one medium, or mix and match. Watercolor paints are the perfect tool for an underwater background, but if you don’t have any, don’t worry - the fun of mermaid coloring sheets is that anything goes! Color the mermaid in a realistic way with a reddish tint for hair, and green or blue tail. Dress her in seashells and coral necklaces. Perhaps draw a cute friend for her – a fish or a crab. Coloring images of mermaids can be as easy or as hard as your child chooses to make it, and it always involves a lot of imagination!

    Coloring is the perfect way to unleash your child’s creativity while also developing key skills which will be useful in the classroom. Drawing and coloring help train concentration and patience, while also developing motor skills and hand eye coordination. The satisfaction a child receives from the finished result builds confidence and self esteem. And the best part – it’s fun for all ages!
  • Laughing mermaid coloring page
    Laughing mermaid
  • Little mermaid coloring sheet
    Little mermaid
  • Smiling mermaid on a rock coloring page
    Smiling mermaid on a rock

  • The History of Mermaids

    The story of The Little Mermaid was written by Hans Christian Andersen and published in 1837, but the origin of these beautiful creatures date back much farther than that. There are depictions of creatures which are half women and half fish which appear in Mesopotamian artwork as far back as 1000 BC! African, Asian, and European folklore all make mention of merfolk. It is thought that the sirens of Greek mythology may have been the inspiration for these aquatic creatures, as they share many of the same attributes – including the ability to entice with their enchanting song.

    Throughout history there have been many reported sightings of mermaids. In 1493 Christopher Columbus claims to have spotted three mermaids when sailing in the Caribbean off the coast of Hispaniola. Henry Hudson is also said to have seen a mermaid in the Artic Ocean during his second voyage in 1608. As recently as August 2009, dozens of people reported seeing a mermaid swimming and playing in a bay off the coast of Israel. A one million dollar reward was even offered for proof of its existence!

  • Mermaid with sea ​​horse coloring page
    Mermaid with sea ​​horse
  • Mermaid with comb coloring sheet
    Mermaid with comb
  • So, are mermaids real?

    We may never know for sure, but certainly there have been many hoaxes over the years by those wishing to prove their existence. One of the most famous cases was P. T. Barnum’s Fiji Mermaid in 1822. Supposedly caught in the waters off of Fiji in the South Pacific, the “mermaid” was actually a fake made from a monkey and a fish. These days it is not so easy to fool the public, bust still many wonder if the reported sightings are real, and if somewhere deep in the ocean mermaids really do exist.

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