Free printable coloring sheet of leaves

The heart-shaped lime leaves and pointed fir needles are familiar to every child - but what does the foliage of maple, beech and oak look like? Coloring leaves are ideal for teaching your offspring everything about local forests and strengthening their love of nature. With green, yellow or red colors, the leaf in the coloring picture is filled in according to the desired season. The best part is that in addition to the specialist knowledge that your children gain, the leaf painting template also has added educational value - precise coloring improves and trains concentration among children.

  • Crab apple leaf coloring page
    Crab apple leaf
  • Maple leaf coloring page
    Maple leaf
  • Alder buckthorn leaf coloring page
    Alder buckthorn leaf
  • Silver maple leaf coloring page
    Silver maple leaf
  • Jackfruit leaf coloring page
    Jackfruit leaf
  • Beech leaf coloring page
    Beech leaf

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