How to Draw a Shark in 8 Easy Steps!

How to Draw a Shark - Step by Step

With this tutorial you can draw a shark step by step.

For this drawing, we recommend a hard, easily erasable pencil, an eraser-proof drawing pencil, a ruler and colors.

Shark drawing - Step by Step

Step 1: Auxiliary line

Take the pencil and draw a straight line across the sheet. Ideally, use a ruler for this.

Shark drawing - template

Step 2: Hull

Above and below the line, draw a slightly curved line. This gives you a streamlined body.

Shark drawing - Step by Step Guide

Step 3: Fins, gills and eyes

With a few simple strokes you create a fish. Use short curved lines to indicate the dorsal and lateral fins and the tail. In addition, the shark gets its gill slits and the eye sitting on the side.

How to Draw a Shark - Step by Step

Step 4: First final contours

If you like, you can already start drawing. You give the shark shape by further elaborating the fins and giving the animal an elegantly curved form. The part above the guide is now finished.

Shark drawing - Step by Step

Step 5: More fins and mouth and teeth

Now it's time for the lower part. You dedicate yourself to the opposite ventral fin and the smaller fins. You finish drawing the tail. In addition, your shark gets its slanted backward mouth with the teeth.

Shark drawing - Step by Step

Step 6: Side line

We draw the last detail! The shark gets a side line that runs just above the snout and across the belly. The template shows you the position.

How to Draw a Shark - Step by Step

Step 7: Removing the guides

You erase the pencil lines and the finished shark sketch is in front of you!

Shark drawing - Step by Step

Step 8: Coloring

Now color comes into play. Color the belly with the mouth area light blue. The back is medium and dark blue. Take a close look at the template. Some areas are colored lighter, others darker. The darker areas are in the shadow, the lighter ones in the light. You will also notice irregular white strokes at the top of the spine that simulate the reflection of light. Follow the instructions to create a vivid image.

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