Vibrant green or shiny gold: the painting template with a tree for every season

Blossoming cherry trees in spring, falling leaves in autumn - every season brings a breathtaking natural spectacle with it. The change of seasons is particularly noticeable on trees. It's no wonder that children enjoy a coloring sheet with a magnificent tree. This free printable tree coloring picture is especially beneficial for the little ones: The image has large areas such as the trunk or crown that can be easily colored. Children concentrate on keeping their pencils within the lines and creating a beautiful work of art. Your little nature lovers will always have an entertaining and educational occupation with this tree coloring sheet.

  • Mysterious tree coloring page
    Mysterious tree
  • Tree with big treetop coloring page
    Tree with big treetop
  •  Multi-stemmed tree coloring page
    Multi-stemmed tree
  • Tree Drawing - free step by step guide
    Tree Drawing
  • Learn how to draw a tree - with easy step-by-step instructions & for free!

  • How to Draw a Tree - free step by step tutorial
    How to Draw a Tree
  • Tree with thick trunk coloring page
    Tree with thick trunk
  • Tree with strong trunk coloring page
    Tree with strong trunk
  • Tree with thin trunk coloring page
    Tree with thin trunk
  • Tree with shrubbery coloring page
    Tree with shrubbery
  • created by Fabian (8)

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