Lion Drawing - Step By Step Guide With Pictures

The following instructions will guide even painting beginners step by step to a beautiful lion, which you can easily draw with the appropriate templates.

For this drawing you need a pencil, a black drawing pencil and the typical colors for lions. You can use colored pencils as well as fiber pencils, wax crayons or even acrylic paints. How you design your lion later is entirely up to you. And off you go:

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Step 1: Head and Mouth

Draw a large oval and place a smaller one in front of it. Both must touch each other.

Step 2: Hull

Now draw two more, even larger ovals in a staggered manner. The top edges of all three large ovals should be approximately on the same plane (if necessary, draw an auxiliary line with the pencil).

Step 3: Neck, Back, Tail and Limbs

Draw a top line for the lion by connecting the ovals. Extend the line beyond the last oval. This will be the tail. Also draw the lion's legs, which will have joints indicated in the center with the help of small circles. Don't forget the feet!

Step 4: Permanent Contours for Head, Back and Belly

Draw the top line with a dark drawing pencil. Also sketch the snout of the animal. Connect the two large ovals on the bottom so that the lion's belly is visible.

Step 5: Final Contours for the Legs

Draw the lion's legs at a small distance from the guide lines. Outline the lion's paws as well. Use a black pencil or fineliner for this.

Step 6: Face, Mane and Tail Tip

Now indicate the lion's mane and ear. Draw the tail clearly and give it a tip.

Step 7: Removing the Guides

Remove all the guides and ovals that are still visible with an eraser. Only the figure of the lion remains.

Step 8: Coloring

Now use the selected colors to give the lion its natural color.

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