How to Draw a Rooster in 6 Easy Steps!

Rooster drawing - Step by Step

With this tutorial you will draw a proud rooster step by step.

For this drawing, you will need a hard pencil that is easy to erase, for example HB or H2, as well as an eraser-proof drawing pencil in a dark color and colored pencils.

Rooster drawing - Step by Step

Step 1: Head and torso

Take the pencil and draw a slightly oval circle for the head in the upper right corner. With a little distance, you place a slanted oval for the body underneath. The template shows you the correct position.

Rooster drawing - lesson

Step 2: comb, neck and tail feathers

You take momentum and draw the back line of the rooster, also indicating the course of the tail feathers. You also start drawing the front part of the comb and connect the two circles so that the animal now also has a neck and chest.

Rooster drawing - Step by Step Guide

Step 3: Legs, beak and eyes

With simple strokes you draw the rough structure of the comb. The chicken also gets a beak and an eye. You also roughly define the course of the tail feathers with simple strokes. If you want to draw a hen, make the tail feathers shorter. On the lower part of the body oval, sketch the legs with strokes in the given position. Let the template inspire you.

How to Draw a Rooster - Step by Step

Step 4: Final contours

The rooster gradually takes shape. Use the pencil to trace the permanent contours. You work the face more finely and give the chicken a jagged comb and wattles. The tail feathers gain shape and volume. You also draw the wing and the bird gets its final legs.

Rooster drawing - Step by Step

Step 5: Remove guides

You erase the guides. Use the pencil to draw the ruff. Your rooster is now almost finished.

How to Draw a Rooster - Step by Step

Step 6: Colorize

You grab the crayons and color the rooster. On the template, the plumage is designed in different shades of brown, feet and beak are yellow and the comb is red. Of course, you can color the rooster as you like and give him colorful feathers.

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