Fire at will! Dreamlike drawings of magical dragons

Dragons are some of the most fascinating mythical creatures and bring with them many mysterious stories. No wonder your kids are dying to get their crayons out and create fairy-tale pictures of the dragons. Coloring in the free printable dragon coloring sheet unfolds creativity and imagination: Whether the dragon looks friendly or dangerous, gets wild stripes or perhaps polka dots, the children themselves decide. These beautiful dragon coloring pictures do not only bring joy, but also have high educational value: While your offspring fills the outline of the dragon with color, their concentration and fine motor skills are also developed. With these great coloring pictures, you can guarantee a fun afternoon with long lasting learning benefits.

  • Dragon coloring page
  • Fire-spitting dragon coloring page
    Fire-spitting dragon
  • Dragon with flower coloring sheet
    Dragon with flower
  • Dragon Drawing - free step by step guide
    Dragon Drawing
  • Learn how to draw a dragon - with easy step-by-step instructions & for free!

  • How to Draw a Dragon - free step by step tutorial
    How to Draw a Dragon
    colored dragon
    colored by Marion
  • Dragon makes fire coloring page
    Dragon makes fire
  • Old dragon with hat coloring page
    Old dragon with hat
  • Dragon with knight coloring page
    Dragon with knight
  • Dragon Coloring Pages - how to color

    How do you want your dragon to look? It's your choice! You can use a variety of drawing materials. For example crayons, colored pencils, or markers. Crayola is a popular brand, but any type will do. Dragons are typically the color of a reptile, but you can be as colorful as you prefer. Browns, greens, black, and even gold make good shades for the body. A pink or purple dragon would be great too. You can decide if you want your dragons to look fierce or cute. A fierce dragon would spit fire from it's mouth, but a happy dragon might have a smile. Personalize your dragon any way you like!
  • Dragon on a stone coloring sheet
    Dragon on a stone
  • Dragon on a castle coloring page
    Dragon on a castle
  • Dragon with butterfly coloring page
    Dragon with butterfly
  • You can also add to the background of your online coloring sheet. You could have flying dragon babies behind your dragon, or even a castle! A whole fantasy world could be drawn behind your dragon coloring pages. A fairy or two can often be found in fantasy art. Anything magical around the dragon would make your picture more interesting to look at and attractive.

    You can be as detailed as you like, adding a few easy things around your dragon or going more in depth. A simple sunset in the background would add a little something special to it. Trees or some flowers nearby could add variety. When you are all finished drawing, you can add some rhinestones or glitter to your paper. You could even cut it out and hang it on your fridge!
  • Dragon with bird and flowers coloring page
    Dragon with bird and flowers
  • Dragon with bird and clouds coloring sheet
    Dragon with bird and clouds
  • Dragon with balloons and clouds coloring page
    Dragon with balloons and clouds
  • Dragon with castle coloring page
    Dragon with castle
  • Dragon with fire and bows coloring page
    Dragon with fire and bows
  • Dragon with snail coloring page
    Dragon with snail
  • Interesting Facts about Dragons

    Chinesische Vase mit DrachenFoto: Patche99z; wikimedia / CC BY-SA 3.0
    Dragons have been a part of our folklore for a very long time. Even ancient groups of people told tales of dragons. Some cultures shared stories of dragons with wings, while others shared stories of creatures without wings and being more snake-like in shape. Dragons in Chinese folklore are considered good luck. Next time you are in a Chinese restaurant, look for ways dragons are incorporated in the art around the room! You may find them on the wall or on the place mat at the table. Many pieces of ancient art depict dragons in a fight with heroic knights. Ancient mythologies have shown people slaying large dragon-like creatures for a long time. Dragons have fascinated humans for centuries!

    Children in particular have always enjoyed learning and playing with toys shaped like dragons. From plastic figurines, Halloween costumes, and video games, you will find dragons are very common in pop culture and can be found pretty much everywhere.
  • Dragon on a cliff coloring page
    Dragon on a cliff
  • Dragon babies with an egg coloring page
    Dragon babies with an egg
  • Cute flying dragon coloring page
    Cute flying dragon
  • A famous movie called Alice in Wonderland had a large dragon-like creature called the Jabberwock. The Harry Potter series of books and movies contain dragons, and the popular Dreamworks movie franchise called How to Train Your Dragon was all about dragons and how young Viking teenagers learn to train them. A famous Japanese anime series is called Dragon Ball Z, and has been made into several movies, TV shows, video games, and lots of toys.

    It is not hard to see why dragons have been popular for ages. It is fun to imagine and create stories and art around this special mythical creature!
  • Dragon with a chick coloring sheet
    Dragon with a chick
  • Cute dragon with bird coloring page
    Cute dragon with bird
  • Are you or someone you love a super dragon fan? Here are some free printable dragon coloring pages for you to color together! Just download the pdf images and fill in the sheets to make beautiful dragons.

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