Cute Butterfly Crafting: A Fun and Engaging DIY Guide for Kids

Materials List

  • Cardboard Roll
  • Clay paper (green, red and yellow)
  • Colored paper (pattern for the wings)
  • Wiggle eyes or white paper + felt tip pen
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
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To make a colorful butterfly, you don't need much. You need a cardboard roll or an empty toilet paper roll, scissors, glue, a pencil, green, yellow, red and pink paper and two wiggle eyes. Of course, it is possible to use other colors as well. Create your butterfly the way you like it. We'll explain how to make your butterfly step by step in our simple tutorial.

Step 1: Body of the butterfly

You stick an empty toilet paper roll with green paper. For this you cut out a rectangle about ten centimeters wide and 16 centimeters long. Butterfly crafting - step by step

Step 2: Separation of the wings

You take a sheet of yellow paper to hand. You fold the paper in the middle and draw the double curved contour of a wing side with the pencil. You cut out the contour on the open side, unfold the paper again and hold the connected pair of wings in your hand.

Butterfly craft to hang - step by step Butterfly crafting with children - step by step

Step 3: Gluing the wings

You glue the wings behind the roll. In the upper area of the role you attach two wiggle eyes. You can get them in a craft store. Alternatively, you can make the eyes yourself from white paper and paint the pupils with black felt-tip pen.

Butterfly craft - step by step instructions

Step 4: Feeler of the butterfly

Under the eyes you put a yellow mouth made of paper. Cut out the antennae from red paper and glue them to the upper inner edge of the roll.

Butterfly folding instructions - step by step

Step 5: Butterfly wing pattern

For the wing pattern, cut out four slightly oval circles from pink paper. You will also need four smaller red circles. Place the larger circles on the top and bottom of each wing. Glue the small red circles in the middle. You can further decorate the empty spaces on the wings with small red and green dots. The butterfly is ready to play and decorate. Butterfly craft template - step by step

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