How to Draw a Turtle in 7 Easy Steps!

Turtle drawing - Step by Step

Step by step you will learn how to draw a turtle on paper according to the instructions.

In addition to this template, you will need colored pencils, a hard pencil, an eraser and an eraser-proof drawing pencil in a dark color.

Turtle drawing - Step by Step

Step 1: The turtle shell

You start with the tank. Draw a semicircle with the pencil. The lower part is slightly curved outward.

Turtle drawing - template

Step 2: The head

To the left of the shell, draw a lying egg. This is the head of the turtle.

Turtle drawing - Step by Step Guide

Step 3: The limbs

You connect the head with the carapace. Then you put on the legs and tail with simple strokes. Circles mark the position of the knee joints. Your turtle is now a stick figure.

How to Draw a Turtle - Step by Step

Step 4: First final contours

Use the drawing pencil to trace the permanent contours of the carapace and the head. The shell gets a wavy structure. Give the turtle a face and shape the neck. You also finish shaping the legs. The template shows you how to do this.

How to Draw Turtle - Step by Step

Step 5: The armor plates

Now we go into detail. You draw the plates in the tank and indicate with lines the folds that naturally occur when the knees are bent. Then remove the pencil lines with the eraser.

Turtle drawing - Step by Step

Step 6: Colorize

Your turtle gets color. You paint the body green. The shell is brown. Dark dots give body and shell more liveliness. Look carefully at the template and do the same. In the upper part of the armor plates, the brown is a little lighter. This way you simulate the reflection of light. The image will look more vivid.

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