How to Draw a Sunflower in 6 Easy Steps!

You can easily draw this sunflower step by step with the help of this template.

In addition to a pencil (HB or H2), you will need an eraser-proof pencil for the contours, a dividers and good colored pencils.

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Step 1: Corolla and Flower Base

We start with three circles. You can use a dividers or a round object for this. Draw a large circle with the pencil. In the exact center you place a small circle. Around this small circle you draw a slightly larger one. The instructions show you what this looks like.

Step 2: Tongue Flowers

Trace the two smaller circles with the pencil. Then draw eight petals around the middle circle. You can use the drawing pen right away for this if you are skilled. Otherwise, use the pencil and correct the drawing if necessary. When the petals are perfectly in place, draw the contours with the pencil.

Step 3: More Petals

Between the already existing leaves you paint more petals.

Step 4: Petals Wreath

The sunflower gets an even more complex flower structure. Now you paint another row behind the existing petal wreath. Use the outer circle as a guide. In addition, your flower gets a stem.

Step 5: Foliage for the Stem

You'll erase the guides and add texture to the front petal wreath by drawing a line down the center of each petal. Take a look at the template for this. Place one petal on each side of the stem. Again, short strokes give the leaf more vibrancy.

Step 6: Colorize

Take the colored pencils and color the stem with the two leaves green. The innermost circle of the flower is dark brown, the surrounding ring is painted in a lighter shade of brown. The petals of the sunflower are yellow. Play with the nuances and make your flower more vivid! As you can see in the instructions, the petals have different shades of yellow. The inner petals are lighter than the outer ones.

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