Red Rose coloring template: The flower of love and romance

Yellow roses are for friendship, but red roses are proof of love. The most famous of all flowers is given away on different occasions depending on the color. With an image of a rose for coloring in, children learn the flower’s meaning from an early age and become familiar with the beautiful blossom. The educational value of coloring roses is also evident - children develop their concentration while relaxing after an active day in kindergarten. Coloring these free printable templates help the kids by providing a fun and calming activity. Several rose coloring pictures together make an enchanting bouquet - the perfect gift for Mother's Day.

  • Rose with stem coloring page
    Rose with stem
  • Opened water lily coloring sheet
    Opened water lily
  • Water lily coloring page
    Water lily
  • Rose top view coloring sheet
    Rose top view
  • Rose coloring page
  • Pair of roses coloring page
    Pair of roses
  • Heads of a pair of roses coloring page
    Heads of a pair of roses

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