From a crescent to a full moon - Coloring picture of a moon to print out

Deep craters and changing phases are characteristic for the moon, which shapes our evening sky. Bring your little ones closer to the Earth's companion and awaken their curiosity about astronomy. A coloring picture featuring the moon can be made realistic, or playful with a laughing face and pointed cap – fun for children of all ages who can fill in the image as they choose. This free printable moon coloring picture also helps develop your children’s concentration in a fun way - because when coloring, children pay attention to filling in the image precisely and evenly. The psychological benefit of coloring has also been proven: the quiet, calming activity helps one to switch off and reduce stress.

  • Moon coloring page
  • Moon with face coloring sheet
    Moon with face
  • Laughing moon coloring page
    Laughing moon
  • Moon Drawing - free step by step guide
    Moon Drawing
  • Learn how to draw a moon - with easy step-by-step instructions & for free!

  • How to Draw a Moon - free step by step tutorial
    How to Draw a Moon
  • Dark side of the moon coloring page
    Dark side of the moon
  • Laughing crescent coloring page
    Laughing crescent
  • Full moon with face coloring sheet
    Full moon with face
  • Sleeping moon with moustache coloring sheet
    Sleeping moon with moustache
  • Yawning moon coloring page
    Yawning moon

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