How to Draw a Princess in 8 Easy Steps!

How to Draw a Princess - Step by Step

With the help of this tutorial you can draw a beautiful princess step by step.

You will need a hard, erasable pencil (HB or H2), an eraser, an eraser-proof drawing pencil and good colored pencils.

Princess drawing - Step by Step

Step 1: Head and torso

You start at the top with the head. Draw a circle with the pencil. Underneath you draw a triangle with the tip pointing downwards.

Princess drawing - lesson

Step 2: The dress

At the bottom of the triangle, draw the bell-shaped skirt. Make sure the shape is symmetrical. If you don't succeed, use the eraser to improve the lines.

Princess drawing - Step by Step Guide

Step 3: Arms and hands

Your princess gets arms. You mark shoulders, elbows and wrists with small circles. Connect these with strokes. You also indicate the hands in this way.

How to Draw a Princess - Step by Step

Step 4: First final contours

Now you take the drawing pencil in hand. Use it to draw the permanent contours. A fine fiber pen, for example, is suitable for this. Draw the silhouette of the head and shape the neck with the shoulders. The arms now get their final shape by connecting the shoulders, elbows and wrists in a sweeping manner. This template shows you how to do this. You can also indicate the course of the hair with the pencil.

Princess drawing - Step by Step

Step 5: Finishing the silhouette

Use the pencil to shape the dress from the armpits over the waist to the bell-shaped skirt. Give the hem a lively wave shape.

How to Draw a Princess - Step by Step

Step 6: Important details for face, neckline, crown and dress

You now go into detail and work out the finer points. Your princess gets a face, a refined neckline and a crown. You can also add visual accents to the dress. Just let the instructions inspire you.

Princess drawing - Step by Step

Step 7: Remove all guides

Draw all the lines that should remain visible with the pencil. Then erase the pencil lines. Now all that's missing for the princess is the color.

Princess drawing - Step by Step

Step 8: Coloring

You take the crayons and color the princess. On the template, the princess is blond and wears a red dress. But you can also use other colors.

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