Creating a Sweet Bee Craft: A Fun and Engaging Guide for Kids

Materials List

  • Cardboard rolls
  • Clay paper (black, yellow, light blue)
  • White paper
  • Felt Pen (Black)
  • Lineal
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
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Along with butterflies, bees are among the most popular insects. Both children and adults like the little buzzers. In a child-friendly stylized form, bees are real popular characters that are perfect for decoration. Here we present you a great idea that is well suited for children's birthday parties and cozy play and craft hours and for which you only need materials that are available in most households anyway. You'll need an empty toilet paper roll, a ruler, scissors, yellow, black and light blue clay paper, markers, a pencil and a glue stick.

With this tutorial you can make a funny bee step by step in just a few minutes

Step 1: Cut rectangle

Take your ruler and draw a rectangle about 6 zoll long and 4 zoll wide with the pencil on a yellow sheet of clay paper. You cut out the rectangle and place it on the table. This is the body of the bee.

Tinker bee - step by step

Step 2: Separate out three black stripes

You cut out of black clay paper three strips 6 zoll long. These are about 0.6 zoll thick. Ruler and pencil will help you measure and sketch.

Tinker bee - step by step

Step 3: Glue strip on the rectangle

Spray the backs of the black strips with the glue stick. Then glue one strip to the top and one to the bottom of the yellow body rectangle. Stick the third strip in the middle. The body now has its typical bee stripe pattern.

Tinker bee - step by step instructions

Step 4: Prepare cardboard roll with glue stick

Now the empty toilet paper roll comes into play. You hold the cardboard roll vertically. With the glue stick, draw a thick line from top to bottom at any point. Stroke it several times so that the paper sticks well to it later.

Tinker bee - step by step

Step 5: Wrap cardboard roll

Wrap the toilet paper roll with the prefabricated rectangle and press the touching ends of the clay paper firmly onto the adhesive. For better adhesion, you can additionally wet the roll with the glue in other places beforehand. It is usually not necessary to coat the entire roll with adhesive. Make sure that the adhesive is really located where the ends of the paper slightly overlap or touch each other. Otherwise the paper will stick out and that won't look nice.

Tinker bee - step by step

Step 6: Paint face

Draw a circle for the face on a piece of clay paper and cut it out. You can use a slightly lighter yellow for this or the same yellow that you used to create the body. A skin-colored face also looks good on the bee. Just let your creativity run wild.

Tinker bee - step by step

Step 7: Cut out the face

Use a black felt-tip pen to draw the eyes on the face and give the bee a friendly laughing mouth. You can use black or red felt-tip pen for this. Anyway, you can be creative and make the face as you like. Red cheeks, for example, look very nice.

Tinker bee - step by step

Step 8: Feelers of the bee

You cut out two antennae from the black clay paper. These are 1.5 zoll long, narrow strips. At their end is a small round pom-pom. Alternatively, you use ready-made antennae from the craft store.

Tinker bee - step by step

Step 9: Connect head with feelers and glue

You attach the ends of the antennae to the back of the face circle with glue and glue the bee's head to the top of the body.

Tinker bee - step by step

Step 10: Separate wings

You take a sheet of light blue clay paper and fold it once in the middle. Then you draw the contours of a wing with a pencil. It looks something like a half figure eight, except that the upper hemisphere is slightly thicker than the lower one. The curved part is on the outside of the open edges of the sheet, and the fold is on the inside. Then you cut out the outer contours of the wings. You unfold the paper and in front of you are the finished wings.

Tinker bee - step by step

Step 11: Glue on wings

Finally, glue the wings to the back of the bee body. To do this, coat the fold with glue and press it firmly against the roller. Support the roll from the inside with your fingers so that it withstands the pressure and does not dent. Your funny bee is ready!

Tinker bee - step by step

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