Cow Drawing - Step By Step Guide With Pictures

Cow drawing - Step by Step

Drawing a cow is really easy with this tutorial! You'll go step by step and get a fantastic result.

⚠️ Grab pencil, drawing pencil, eraser and colors and get to work!

Cow drawing - Step by Step

Step 1: Head and mouth

On the right side of the paper, place two circles. With the pencil, draw a slightly larger ball for the head and diagonally below it a slightly smaller one for the mouth.

Cow drawing - template

Step 2: Hull

To the left of the head, draw a rectangular body with rounded corners. The rectangle is not completely symmetrical, but tapers slightly towards the bottom.

Cow drawing - Step by Step Guide

Step 3: Horns, tail and limbs

You connect the head with the upper part of the torso, indicate the horns pointing forward and the long tail. The cow standing sideways gets two legs. To do this, mark the joints with circles and connect them with lines. You also draw the hooves.

How to Draw a Cow - Step by Step

Step 4: First final contours

If you like, you can already take the pencil and draw the first permanent contours on the sheet. You trace the back line with the tail and shape the side view of the head with the horns by connecting the head circle with the mouth circle. The neck also gets its shape now. Then you draw the front part of the legs by connecting the torso with the outer edge of the joint circles.

How to Draw a Cow - Step by Step

Step 5: Udder and face

You give the cow an eye and draw the nose. You also finish drawing the legs and paint the belly with a sweeping line. Use the auxiliary rectangle for the torso as a guide. The tail gets its final shape and a tassel. You can also see the udder now.

Cow drawing - Step by Step

Step 6: Ears and more legs

Now the cow gets its ear. You also add the legs opposite each other.

Cow drawing - Step by Step

Step 7: Remove guides

The cow is almost finished. You take the eraser and remove all the lines that disturb the overall picture.

Cow drawing - Step by Step

Step 8: Coloring

In the last step you color the cow. The udder is pink. The step-by-step instructions show the picture of a brown pied cow. However, you can also paint the cow with a different coat color and pattern.

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