The 14 cutest unicorn cuddly toys + guide

The most popular unicorn cuddly toys

There is a persistent rumour that unicorns don’t exist. But that doesn’t stop us from presenting you with a comprehensive list of the most popular cuddly toy unicorns. We also show you what to look out for when buying one.

Here you will find a comprehensive overview of all kinds of unicorn soft toys for your child or friends. This includes the popular Pummeleinhorn as well as models from NICI. Are you looking for a unicorn cuddly toy in XXL? Nothing could be easier. We have put together a corresponding overview for you.

Especially for your child, a unicorn soft toy should be a best friend and loyal companion. The quality of the cuddly toy is therefore all the more important so that they can enjoy it for a long time. It should also be free of harmful substances. We have a large selection of high-quality plush unicorn figures for your child, with which you will give him a lot of joy. Offer them the opportunity to create their own little fantasy world in which they can play with the stuffed animal.

Or give friends who you know will like it a great surprise. Even adults can still get excited about these mythical creatures. For children, in turn, they offer a lot of potential to use their own imagination.

Checklist: Unicorn cuddly toys for children

  • If soft toys are intended for small children, be sure to remove small parts beforehand!
  • It is not a good sign if parts come off the animal easily.
  • Avoid sequins and stickers
  • Intended as a gift for children? It is best to remove the packaging first
  • Are you unsure about harmful substances? Washing several times can soften the effect
  • Rule of thumb: Less is more! (Leave out accessories and small parts)

Unicorn Cuddly Toy XXL

The unicorn stands for fantasy, peace and goodness. It is a magical creature that enchants children in a very special way and is an indispensable part of many children’s rooms. A unicorn cuddly toy in XXL makes children’s hearts beat faster. It is not only incredibly fluffy and cuddly, but can also give your child a retreat to dream in. Leaning against the soft fur of the giant unicorn cuddly toy, your child will dream himself into a magical world full of fairies, elves and enchanting experiences.

This not only helps them to relax, but also trains their imagination and ability to make up stories. A standing plush unicorn in XXL offers even more fun. It is stable enough for a child to sit on and set off to faraway lands and experience adventures during play. The XXL unicorn cuddly toy becomes even prettier with a curled mane, plaited plaits or pinned-on flowers and enchants not only children’s hearts.

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