Yum! Coloring pictures of fruit for little gourmets

Ever wonder how you can get your little ones interested in healthy food in a fun and playful way? The solution is simple: beautiful coloring pictures featuring fruit will make your mouth water. Whether an apple or a banana, when children color these free printable images of fruit, they automatically connect the nutritious foods with play time and fun. These fruit coloring pictures not only promote awareness of good nutrition, but also help your child to develop their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills through filling in surfaces of different sizes and concentrating on the task at hand. These skills even lead to having neater handwriting at school. How practical!

  • Strawberry cross-section coloring page
    Strawberry cross-section
  • Peeled banana coloring page
    Peeled banana
  • Apple with stem and leaf coloring page
    Apple with stem and leaf
  • Opened coconut with palm branch coloring page
    Opened coconut with palm branch
  • Pair of bananas coloring page
    Pair of bananas
  • Unpeeled banana coloring pages
    Unpeeled banana
  • Apples, kiwis, bananas, and grapes coloring pages
    Apples, kiwis, bananas, and grapes
  • Halved apple coloring page
    Halved apple
  • Bunch of apples coloring page
    Bunch of apples
  • Apples in a basket coloring page
    Apples in a basket
  • Strawberry with stem coloring page
    Strawberry with stem
  • Strawberry with stalk coloring page
    Strawberry with stalk
  • Simple strawberry coloring page
    Simple strawberry
  • coconut with leaf coloring page
    coconut with leaf

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