How to Draw a Tiger in 8 Easy Steps!

Tiger drawing - Step by Step

With the help of this template you bring a beautiful tiger on paper, because thanks to the instructions we show you step by step how it works exactly and what you should pay attention to when drawing.

For this drawing, please use an erasable pencil with a hardness of HB or H2, an eraser-proof drawing pencil in a dark color, and good colored pencils to color in the cat of prey.

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Step 1: Head and ears

You draw a circle and two triangular ears with the pencil. This is the head.

Step 2: Hull

Next to the head, draw an elongated oval at an angle, where the shoulders will be later. Leave some space and draw an egg-shaped body for the buttocks. The template gives you the appropriate instructions.

Step 3: Back, tail and limbs

First you draw the tiger as a stick figure. To do this, connect the upper part of the head with the upper part of the shoulder oval, from which the back line flows sweepingly over the buttocks into the long curved tail. The legs are made as shown in the instructions. The joints and paws are drawn as circles and ovals. Connect them with strokes.

Step 4: First permanent contours

Now take the pencil and trace the contours of the back, tail and head that will be visible later. You add the details to the ears and draw the outlines of a beard on the tiger. In addition, the animal gets its belly. Use the template as a guide here as well.

Step 5: Outline legs and paws

Use the drawing pencil to draw the outlines of the legs. The tiger gets its paws.

Step 6: Face

You draw the outline of the tail. Also, the tiger gets eyes, mouth and nose.

Step 7: Removing the guides

You erase the guides so that only the outlines outlined with the pencil are visible.

Step 8: Coloring

Take an orange or reddish-brown pencil and color in the tiger as shown in the template. Leave the paws, belly, mouth region, beard and the outlines of the eyes white or use a light beige tone. Use a black colored pencil to draw the typical tiger markings on the fur.

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