Cuddly animals to cuddle and love

Stuffed Animals and Plush Toys

Every child loves his cuddly toy and should therefore own at least one. It should be a high-quality stuffed animal, whether bear or rabbit, Winnie the Pooh or penguin. Products such as a Teddy Hermann cuddly toy or a stuffed animal from Sterntaler fulfill all safety aspects. In addition, they are soft and cuddly.

They become a best friend for the offspring, listen to the child's worries, are a playmate and a good comrade. Such a stuffed animal is dragged everywhere during the working day as well as on weekends, it may sit at the table and goes to bed with its little owner in the evening. The Schlaf-gut-Bär is a good example of this.

Pay attention to quality

Children also love special animals, for example a sloth, a starfish or a dinosaur. Such a cuddly toy is already well received by a baby and fulfills important educational and psychological tasks. Therefore, if possible, every child should have more than one stuffed animal. A matching T-shirt completes the whole and is also a practical piece of clothing.

Soft toys in different colors

Why the favorite color of girls is pink? This remains a mystery for many adults. Nevertheless, faithful companions may be given away quietly as toys in this color. Likewise, the unicorn is loved by his little female fans. Give away a pink unicorn and the child's eyes will shine. But also a horse or an elephant is always very well received.

Boys are also fond of stuffed animals or soft toys. An animal is popular with every child, the little ones have their own relationship with nature. Perhaps it is because an animal is cute, especially as a plush stuffed animal. Quite easily you can play with this stuffed animal, which is rarely possible with a real animal. The plush animal does not resent anything and is always available; unless it urgently needs to go to the washing machine, which usually triggers childish storms of protest.